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  Using Technology to Better Manage Your Facility

Every business organization has the need to collect, manage and distribute information related to the workplace. Computer-Aided Facility Management CAFM gives Facility Managers the tools to do that easily and efficiently.

Our CAFM services allow businesses to collect all the crucial data related to their workplace:  building and property information, floor plans, asset descriptions and location, employee and occupancy data, and more.  Having this data readily available, allows facility managers to easily track and report on facilities information.

Unisource Solutions shows you how CAFM puts all your facility information at your fingertips, making it that much easier to run your business.
  These are the three pillars on which Unisource has built its business.

We listen to what you need. Then we create a tailored solution, which we execute flawlessly. For us, it’s really that simple.

From concept to completion, you can count on us to put your interests before our own.
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Los Angeles
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