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  Analyze, Devise and Manage
  At Unisource, top-notch technical services play an important role in the analysis and management of just about every aspect of our multi-faceted workspace projects.
  Furniture Inventory & Analysis
  From the initial needs analysis through design, installation and on-going inventory management, we take advantage of innovative web-based tools to navigate the most cost-effective and efficient path. For example, we begin many projects with a complete inventory analysis and “as-built” drawings of your facility to assess the best use and possible reuse of existing furniture.
  Project Management
  Our goal with every new or existing space is to carefully analyze current conditions, devise the most adaptable space plan and then manage all the arduous tasks transparently. Along the way, we’ll leverage our state-of-the-art online project management system to produce full reports detailing the entire process.

We can even help you implement Sustainability Initiatives, LEED™ compliance as well as other programs in green and adaptive workspace design. For Unisource’s long list of satisfied customers, our outstanding technical services are yet another aspect of working with us that really stands out.
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  Using Technology to Better Manage Your Facility

Every business can benefit from sophisticated tools that collect, manage and distribute key information about the enterprise. Our Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system does all that and more to provide facility managers with practical, day-to-day workplace details they need to streamline operations.

Our unique CAFM services let businesses collect, track and report on all data that is critical to their workplace, including building and property information, floor plans, asset descriptions and locations as well as employee and occupancy details.

Unisource Solutions simplifies even the most complex workplaces with ready access to all the facility information you need to easily run your business more efficiently.
  These are the three pillars on which Unisource has built its business.

We listen to what you need. Then we create a tailored solution, which we execute flawlessly. For us, it’s really that simple.

From concept to completion, you can count on us to put your interests before our own.
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