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Adaptable, Sustainable and Ergonomic
It takes versatility and ingenuity to design an office that’s uniquely yours. That’s why we work on a personal plan tailored to achieve your goals—whether it’s boosting productivity, adopting a “greener” stance or attracting and retaining great employees.

We’ll meticulously select precise products from a full line of interior architectural solutions that integrate seamlessly with each other to produce a consistent look and feel throughout your workplace.

And, as your workplace changes, we can easily adapt our products to help you transform your space and create new, exciting environments quickly and economically. Our program managers are experts in reconfiguring, reusing and rewiring while minimizing excess waste.
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  These are the three pillars on which Unisource has built its business.

We listen to what you need. Then we create a tailored solution, which we execute flawlessly. For us, it’s really that simple.

From concept to completion, you can count on us to put your interests before our own.
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